Odds & Ends

Insulating the Attic

I’m every door-to-door salesman’s dream come true. I hear the doorbell ring and right up until I touch the knob I repeat in my mind, “I am not interested. No, thank you!” Then I open the door and BAM…next thing you know I am on the verge of buying something I don’t need but am convinced I can’t live without. So yesterday when the nice young man, in a well ironed and tucked in uniform shirt, from the insulation company knocked on my door and explained they were in the neighborhood today adding insulation and he would be happy to give me a free quote on how much it would be to add insulation to our attic I said, “Come on in!”


The "Before" Attic

Usually when I fall for the “Buy it today for a great discount” gimmick I regret it later, but on this occasion I think I scored a really great deal. Right now the government is offering a tax credit to homeowners who upgrade their insulation through the Federal Energy Tax Credit program. So next year when we do our taxes we can claim 30% of the material cost as a tax credit. Along with that, our local gas company is offering an additional 20 cents per square foot rebate. These two offers combined with the do-it-now discount means we will only pay out of pocket about 15% of the total cost. And if you consider the additional energy savings over the life of the house I think this is one time I made a good choice both for my pocketbook and the environment.


The giant hose blowing fluffy white stuff

To find out if your local utility company offers any such rebates just give them a call. I actually called mine just to verify the offer and make sure the company at my door was on their contracted provider list. I also went over the details with them to make sure I would qualify for the full rebate.

Of course the installers didn’t look anything like my clean-cut salesman, but they were mostly un-scary; friendly and polite. They had an aura of being covered in tattoos but I can’t recall actually seeing any. The one had a lot of holes in his pants, some in rather important places, the kind of places that if I had a hole there I would have to keep my knees together and walk like a penguin so as not to traumatize anyone. He didn’t seem to mind. Those attics can be pretty warm these days. Maybe he needs the added air circulation.


Our new white stuff

When I asked them if I could take pictures for “this little blog I do” they were happy to accommodate me. In fact, awkward-holes-in-pants boy quickly set up the ladder and let me up first, then politely waited for me at the end so I could get my amazing transformation shots. Sweetheart!

The installation took about half and hour and now I have what looks like a snowy wonderland in my attic. Hopefully it is a money-saving wonderland too.



It's so fluffy!