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Master Bathroom-No More Streaking (part 3 of 3)

My home has seen fifteen years, several families, but no master bathroom shower…until now. Granted, there has been a lovely jetted tub in the corner, which was fun the two times I used it since we moved in last August. But neither the Sports Addict nor myself are tub people. Obviously the people before us had to be tub people, but that sends us in an entirely different and disturbing direction I don’t want to pursue.

But after all the demolition, reconstruction, a little blood (projects like this can be rough on the knuckles), sweat (a lot more of this than is allowed in photos), and maybe a tear or two, we finally ended up with a beautiful shower that makes me smile every morning.

So Pretty!


So the ultimate question that the Sports Addict always asks— “How much did it cost?” Remember I was working on a $1000 dollar budget. Usually a laughable amount in terms of bathroom remodels, not to mention that I also decided to redo the vanity since the countertop really needed to be replaced.

(Note: I can’t ever just do one project. It always stretches into something else.) Usually at this point the Sports Addict is sadly shaking his head because I’ve gone three times over budget…BUT NOT THIS TIME! I skimmed in under budget. Can you believe it? I still can’t.

The Breakdown
Plumbing and Fixtures: $446
Prep for Surround: $118
Stone Tile: $384
Misc & Tools: $18
Shower curtain: $16
Rod: Free from Peaches though I think I better pay her for it
Total: $982

Within this same budget I tiled the vanity countertop and painted the vanity a chocolate brown. Luckily I already owned the paint. It was one of those rare finds in the “oops paint” section of the Home Depot near me. (For more on the vanity project see the post Vanity Fair and Beautiful.)

In conclusion, this bathroom is only done for now. There are still more things I would like to change. For example, as beautiful as it’s green, marbled, linoleum is, one day I hope not to tread my little tootsies over it anymore. I think I’d also like to do something with the toilet area, which resides in it’s own little closet on the other side of the vanity…and down the road I might even take out the jetted tub one day and just make that area a fully enclosed shower… and maybe a few other things, but don’t tell the Sports Addict any of this because he starts getting nervous and calculating in his head how much it will cost and then he gets really jittery.

So needless to say we are very happy with our current bathroom and intend to enjoy it for a long time to come. At least until the next budget cycle.


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