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Walmart Shower Curtain Confession

I admit my snobbery. It comes from having expensive taste and unfortunately it usually has to compete with my meager budget which means I’ve learned to shop around. If there’s something I really want, really really want, then I am willing to go to almost every store to look for it, much to the irritation of the LL who just wants to walk in, grab what he likes, and go, no matter what the cost.
So after finishing my master bathroom shower I really wanted a beautiful shower curtain to go with it; something that would complement the natural beauty of the travertine without competing with it. I also wanted it to feel upscale-beachy, if that can be a style.
Last year the LL and I went to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary and I loved it. It is such a beautiful tropical-oasis. I loved all the dark wood tones set against green foliage and bright colorful flowers. It was so relaxing and energizing at the same time. Exactly the feeling I want in my master bathroom.
With paradise in mind I set out to find exactly what I wanted. I went to my usual spots to find good deals like Macy’s, Home Goods, Ross, and Target, but couldn’t ever find anything that really fit my mental picture. Eventually I gave up and bought a curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond in a completely different style but which was pretty and 50% off. I didn’t use it though because I was holding out hope that I would still find my dream curtain.
Finally I decided to try Walmart. I was there to buy lotion or toothpaste or something and thought I would just checkout their shower curtain selection. The first thing I noticed was the color; it was perfect. Exactly the shade of green I was envisioning. Then I looked at the pattern. It had one, large, modern design of cream and brown silhouetted foliage and flowers. I’m not sure exactly what they are, but as soon as I saw them I jumped up and down and hugged the other person in the isle and started screaming, “I love Walmart,” right before the nice man in the uniform carted me off. Oh wait, that’s not quite what happened. I didn’t actually make any noise and I think I was alone on the isle, but that’s what I was doing inside my very well mannered body. To top it all off, it only cost $16, a fraction of the price of other curtains I had disappointedly considered.

The amazing Hometrends Marmon Shower Curtain
shower curtain

In the end, I was humbled and had to ask myself, why didn’t I just think of Walmart in the beginning. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort. The honest truth is, if I had bought this curtain at the beginning of my search I wouldn’t appreciate it as much. In fact I would probably still be out looking for “just the right one”, believing that if it was at Walmart, somewhere else must have a better option. It’s the snob in me coming out. But the truth is that Walmart totally came though for me this time and next time I’ll be putting it a little higher on my shopping list.

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  • Nice. I like it! Can you add a couple of more pictures of the shower curtain in your actual bathroom?