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Water Damage

So as a new home owner I am realizing I am crossing uncharted territories in my life. One of those things is that when something happens to my home, I am the one who has to take care of it.

Sunday I got a call from CC, my roommate, telling me that there was water coming through the ceiling and dripping into my living room. Since this is not a usual occurrence in the house, she thought she should let me know. My stomach suddenly cramped into a tiny knot and I had visions of disaster cleanup crews and insurance adjusters dancing in my head.

Because I was at Apey’s house celebrating Anna’s birthday when I got the call, I knew that I couldn’t be home for at least thirty minutes to try to deal with the deluge. CC was fast thinking, though, grabbed towels, and called my uncle, The Doctor, to come over and diagnose the problem. I then had him discuss the symptoms with my go to handyman, the Bathroom Whisper. It was after all these handy men in my life figured out the problem and decided it wasn’t a problem that my stomach finally unclenched and I could begin to breathe easier.

It turns out that this stomach turning problem was caused by the upstairs AC unit.

Since it went from 60 degrees to 93 degrees in one day, my AC unit was having a major wake-up call and somehow the condensation pipe from the unit had popped out of the drain and all that nice condensed water was leaking through the utility room floor straight into my living room…

My uncle went to work to fix the problem: First, he stuck the pipe back in its proper drain, then he wedged it there with a random piece of scrap metal he found in my garage so this wouldn’t happen again.

Then he ripped off the bubbled and dead paint, and finally stuck a knife through the drywall on my ceiling to create a hole for any remaining water and sledge to drain out and help air out the ceiling/floor joists.

Needless to say, when I got home I had a hole and an ugly sore on my previously pristine ceiling. To get this wound healed, I will need to fill in the hole, patch of the ceiling texture and then a repaint. But I am so lucky to have all sorts of people around me who know how to doctor my house.

(Don’t tell my mother, but the wood floor also got a little warped before CC found the leak. But as Cath says, what doesn’t ruin the wood floors only gives them character.)

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