Clean up and de-Clutter

Adventures in Decluttering

I generally pride myself on trying to remain clutter-free (emphasis on the trying). I don’t hoard year old magazines or broken-down appliances but lately I have seen many areas in my house and shed that call for improvement.

For instance, my closet. After having had my baby Darling almost 7 months ago you would think I should give up hope on some of those shirts that just hug me the wrong way now. Not flattering! Or how about those three other closets that seem to absorb “stuff.” All that “stuff” that could be useful should the right opportunity come along. I keep telling myself “I just need to be more organized,” and that may be partially true, but I have a feeling that once I take a closer and more honest look at all these things simply de-cluttering will turn into an all out war to rescue my sanity.

Therefore I will resolve in front of anyone reading this to perform a cleansing on my house and closets! My new mantra… “Junk it.” I will post my results as they come.