Clean up and de-Clutter

Closet Confessional

Well my last post consisted of me resolving to de-junk my life. How have I done you ask? Only somewhat well. As I cleaned out my baby’s/game/coat closet I thrilled in throwing away old boxes and getting rid of coats that we haven’t worn in years.With my coat closet I just had to ask myself when the last time was that I had used certain items. My husband was a little more difficult to convince to throw some things away.

Me: Hun, in the 5 years I have known you, I have only ever seen you wear this coat once.

Hun: That is such a nice coat. It keeps you so dry. I used it all the time to go to football games.

Me: You don’t go to games anymore. That’s why we bought an outrageously huge TV. Because you prefer to watch the games at home.

Hun: But it keeps you so dry.

Me: It smells funny.

And touchdown. I got the final word in.

All in all I am fairly pleased with my work. (Please forgive me for forgetting to take a picture before I dived into the closet, but trust me, it was bad, very bad).


After feeling the pleasure of success and of getting rid of old unworn coats I moved on to my linen/medicine cabinet. Here is where it became a little more difficult to determine what was junk and what was not. With my coat closet I just had to ask myself when the last time was that I had used certain items. Now I had to ask myself what was the likelihood that I would use certain items. Such as, am I really going to wear that outrageously purple eye shadow or that pink nail polish? What about these sheets and unmatched pillow cases? Do I need them, will they ever come in handy?

Unfortunately many of these items I could justify. Some of those pillow cases I needed for when we had many guests over two times a year. Therefore I resorted to reorganizing more than de-junking. However, I am still pleased with the outcome. It at least is more organized and clean looking.



Next item of business… my bedroom closet! I don’t know what I will have to tell my husband to get rid of some of those unused clothes!