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Working Together

Over this past several months The Dentist in Waiting and I have been working on Brooke’s yard.  I write that sentence and think, “Really?  How did you get roped into that?”

Here’s the thing about being family and having projects: everything is connected, everyone is involved. It is one big circle of life, and this hand feeding some dog, or other mixed up cliche.

The Dentist in Waiting, he’s sticking his hand down into the water shut-off, and digging trenches, and tilling weeds because he owes Brooke some money.  She said, “sure I’ll lend you some money, but you have to put in my sprinkler system.” Who can argue with an awesome trade like that?

And then there’s me.  I’ve been working on finishing up my master’s thesis for a while now and Brooke has been my editor through about a thousand drafts.  She’s good at pointing out logic issues, run-on sentences, poor punctuation, and the like.  So in return I’ve been helping The Dentist in Waiting with sprinkler design, and what not.

To be fair it hasn’t just been The Dentist in Waiting and me.  Squash has been put to work because it’s summer and “that girl needs to learn how to work”.  (That sentiment has been my parent’s mantra for as long as they’ve had children, so why stop with the youngest?)

And Robear?

I think Robear just loves to be part of the action.  That and she hates house work.  Give her a pair of gloves and shovel any day over a wash rag and a broom.  She can work for five hours straight planting flowers and still have energy to mulch, weed, and water when the rest of us have pooped out.

The point is: I’m thinking about all the home improvement projects I’ve done, or all the one’s I want to do, and I appreciate the support that family offers.  A helping hand, a borrowed tool, a word of encouragement, a promise to never let anyone do such-and-such-project ever again.  It’s nice to know I can count on these things.

I also appreciate knowing that even though I probably owe everyone else the next twenty years of my life helping with their projects at least we’ll be suffering through it together.

Here’s to collective suffering,


  • Very nice Catherine. I was looking at Home Hinges last night and loved every inch of it. I just had to return this morning at 7:28 am and surprise…here is a new entry. Good work! I think you all are amazing in how well you write, how humorous you all are, and I woke up this morning with the happy thought of “what clever children I have”. I know you are not children anymore, but you will always and forever be ‘my children’. You are all awesome!!!

  • P.S. Do I often hold out my arms like this? I hope there is a more flattering picture of me some day on your web site…. Perhaps it will have to be a younger picture…I am not looking that great these days…years…
    Love, Mom (Robear)

  • I like these pictures of you. I think you’re cute, like a teddy bear waiting to hug something. And it is pretty funny that most of the pictures I have of you are with your arms out. I think you’re just enthusiastic about posing.