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Barking Mad…I mean, fun.

My baby is seven months old and wants to be distracted and entertained constantly. Though a good girl she has her limits. This summer we have gone on two road trips already each longer than ten hours one way and she has been a complete angel (most of the time). Well tomorrow we are headed out on another road trip with my husband’s family and I must pack the play bag.

What does this consist of you ask? My baby loves books. She loves to look at them, loves to feel them, and especially, she loves to eat them. Therefore into the bag go a few of her favorites to keep her preoccupied. Not only are they her favorites, but I love reading them too.

These board books by Sandra Boynton we especially enjoy.

Not only does Doggies provide entertainment to our baby, but other people listening can’t help but laugh as a parent enthusiastically barks the story for the baby. It’s a true hit.

In Moo Baa La La La you learn what animals do and do not say. My baby loves the pictures, but I love the humor. She’ll get that part too some day.

Finally, in Hippos Go Berserk, another counting book, Boynton takes you through numbers one through ten in a fun and party filled adventure. Full of fun art and great rhymes, both you and your baby will enjoy this one.

So no matter the ages, I highly recommend Sandra Boynton books for both educational and entertainment purposes. Not to mention, Baby says they are very tasty.


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  • This picture of Sparrow always makes me smile. She is such a funny baby. Talk about personality, she’s got it.