Odds & Ends

Ogden Bay

On Monday I found myself up at 4:00 am for an airport drop-off. It’s not unusual for me to be up at 4:00 am but it is unusual to wake at that time.  In any case, I was determined to stay up for the remainder of the day because I find naps throw off my sleep schedule.

So after dropping off Rachael at the airport I decided that Xyla, who was with me, and I should go for a drive.  Some einy-meiny-miney-mo pointed us North and so we drove until just before 6:00 am, when, after a winding and varied route, we arrived at Ogden Bay. Ogden Bay is a 20,000 acre waterfowl management preserve in Utah.

We arrived, parked, and began our hike along the dike trails just as the sun was coming up over the east mountains.

Xyla and I walked for an hour.  There are more than enough trails to follow and so many birds to see and hear.  One bird sounded like a small tug boat sounding its horn.  Not being a birder I couldn’t tell what type of bird called out as such, but I was delighted by the noise it made to accompany us as we walked.

Being up that early the activity was spectacular.  So many birds were moving about snagging bugs to eat.  One bird kept plunging into the water making quiet ripples, while another kept splashing and thrashing in an effort to feed.  Both were beautiful.

There was so much to see and we didn’t make it very far despite our time there.  What we did see was gorgeous though and a perfect start for this week.

By 7:30 am or so the bugs were more than I cared for, and both Xyla and I were hungry, so we called it quits.  We will be returning, though, perhaps the next time we’re up at 4:00 am.

Happy trails,

–Cath & Xyla