Clean up and de-Clutter

Room Sweet Room

Yikes! I can't believe I have actually allowed these pictures to be posted. Love the box of 50 hangers and the pile of clothes you can see behind it. Ironic!

I generally keep my house relatively clean. It isn’t ever going to rival a picture from a Martha Stewart magazine, but I like to keep things tidy. However, my bedroom is another story. There always seems to be something more pressing or exciting than cleaning my room.

The dogs joined us to clean the room, but they had a similar reaction as I did and just wanted to ignore the mess and take a nap instead.

It is the one part of my house that I never seem to be able to get to. I blame this problem on space issues. After moving into the Red House I had to downgrade from two full closets to one. Needless to say, this did not work well, especially considering my addiction to buying clothes. My bedroom had piles of clean clothes and boxes from my old closets. They overflowed into my room and I couldn’t even shut my closet doors. The sight of this mess depressed me every time I saw it, so I avoided seeing it in daylight as much as possible and at night I would turn off the lights as quickly as possible. Classic avoidance techniques and they seemed to be working for me.

Woops, I think we should have removed the bra hanging on the door...I am already overly embarrassed by the state of the closet!

However, Cath finally decided that enough was enough and threatened to turn me into one of those disturbing hoarding shows on cable tv. So with the fear of national exposure looming, she and Rachael helped me go shopping in my own room. We went through all the piles of clothes and I found a lot of fun clothes that I forgot I owned or couldn’t find. And Rachael hung and organized them in my closet…my one closet…and they fit…the doors even close without force!

Hallelujah! It is definitely a Christmas Miracle.

So after two days, the removal of 4+ bags of clothes,

a little help from the Squash,

After two days I think we all had crazy eyes like the Squash.

and multiple trips to the garbage can,

my room is a lot bigger than I remembered and I no longer have a fear of embarrassment on a cable tv show…

The closet doors close!



  • Wow! Catherine and Rachel can come and help me arrange our closets anytime!
    I’d love a post about how to pick a good digital camera since Jessica’s is the only one we have now and the lighting on it is just wonky. (Isn’t that a great British word?) I’m glad you were not turned in for national humiliation, just for good humored family ribbing.

    • I’m so glad that it’s done, now Brooke can’t complain about how terrible her room is. :-) It also helped that I got some of her suits that don’t work for her anymore. That is the one benefit to helping out, you get first dibs on the cast-offs.