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The Gypsy Dog

Have you ever seen a super model dog?  Or have you heard of a dog who thought she was a queen and therefore did not think she had to follow commands?

I have that dog.

This super model queen who thinks she is too good to play dress up is coming your way. . .

This is when Gypsy can’t stop reading a good book.  Notice the elegant paw holding her page.

This is when Gypsy is so grumpy because I took so many pictures of her. Right now she is a peasant.  See how she glares at you for making her do something that she believes is beneath her?

This is when Gypsy wants to go sailing. Her hat sits on her head like a crown.

Now Gypsy is in want of a beach so she can get a nice warm sun bath. OK…. Right now she just sort of looks like a regular old dog …. but, don’t queens always look regal?

Here is Gypsy when she is cold.  Her servant wrapped her up tight.

Finally, here is Gypsy in her true state: regally relaxing while waiting for her personal guards to take away the paparazzi.


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