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The Bungalow Gets Grass: Part 4, Exhaustion

Exhaustion: Mix 5 parts helpful children, 2 parts crazy dogs, 1 part hot sun, and 1 part endless landscaping.  Hit “Frappe”. Fail to pose for the camera.  Serve.

We’ve been steadily making progress on the front yard of the Bungalow for the past two weeks.  The vegetation has been killed off and tilled up.  I moved and fixed the sprinklers.  And then we spent a long, hot day moving dirt and leveling the yard.  It is all looking so  much better than it did.

Part of putting in some curb appeal is adding a much needed, and highly anticipated, flower bed.

See these?  These were put in for a raised flower bed.  I’m sorry it’s so ghetto to leave them there for a year and not make progress.

Yesterday we worked to resolve that issue.  Robear and all of April‘s children came over to help put in a flower bed.  I will detail the step-by-step of putting in the flower bed in Part 5.  This post, however, is about exhaustion.

5 Parts Helpful Children: the things they do while one is, or is not, watching.

T.S. LOVED this Mattock Pick.  He kept calling it an Ax and asked about things he could chop down.

“Can I chop down that pathetic little branch?”

–“No, TS, that is a tree and I’m trying to make it grow.”

Both of the Missies wanted to water the flowers, one teaspoon at a time, without help, and certainly without each other. Tears were involved.

Then they decided to work together.

Princess did a great job, with supervision from Squash, of watching the Missies and the television inside the air conditioned house. Here they are standing on the ottoman to view the movie.

I don’t know why they aren’t sitting on the perfectly good ottoman, or the couches,  or the chairs, or the floor for that matter.

Buddy worked hard to actually be helpful.  He carried block.

He helped remove the 1′ x 2′ cement obstacle.

He made lunch.  (Please note the feral Missy bouncing over a chair in the living room.  She’s the little blonde thing behind Buddy’s left ear. I’m just saying…)

At some point toward the end, after lunch while Robear and I were trying to just finish the first row, T.S. and the Missies decided that they should plant the orange seed from T.S.’s orange.  They planted it in the middle of the newly leveled yard.

I had no idea until later that evening when I was wondering about the “wet” spot, and then I saw the photo, and it all made sense.

Sure I told them they could plant it, but I guess I failed to be specific as to where they should plant it.  Luckily this is Utah, that seed isn’t going to make it.

Over the course of six hours or so we managed to lay a foundation for the flower bed.  We made what progress we could and tried to have everyone help in what ways they could.  The blocks were just a little too heavy for TS, but he was great about reading the level and telling me several times whether he thought a block needed adjusting.  The Squash took pictures and saved the Missies from being licked to death by the dogs.  I think everyone learned a little patience, a few skills, a little confidence.

It was a good day even if by the end we were all totally exhausted.