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Free Art

My house is very bland right now. I have lived in it over a year and only have a few pictures hung up. I love art, but right now most of it is just out of the budget so I finally decided to try my own hand at it.

For a date one night, my husband and I walked around our neighborhood heading toward the industrial part of town. There we found many scenes we thought would be neat to take pictures of and try our hand at homemade art. Here’s a portion of what we came up with.

I then tried my hand (for the first time) at Photoshop. You can get trial versions online, but I am lucky and my husband has it for the many projects he does for work. I took the above picture and played around, first increasing the contrast. I came up with this!

I loved the colors in this, especially of the barrels. So then I inverted the image and changed it to black and white while keeping color on the barrel. (I couldn’t figure out how to keep all the barrels in color. It is something I will have to work on.)

I did the same thing for the sign that I did for the barrel.

We also found this other sign that I loved.

I did the same thing to this sign as I did with the other.

(Why do I feel the urge to hang this above the toilet?)

This next picture I haven’t done anything with, but I think with some color adjustments, cropping, and other changes which I haven’t learned about yet, this picture has potential.

Eventually we did leave the industrial area, and got some pictures of flowers. I haven’t done much to those pictures either, but this one is my favorite.

Once I am finished editing I will decide whether any of these pictures is frame and wall worthy. For now, they were a good beginner’s learning experience in Photoshop and a fun date.


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  • Paula, I think these are BRILLIANT! How did you do the thing with the barrel? I need to know. Also, you’re hilarious!! with a capital H. “Employee Parking Only”. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Please follow through and post that over your toilet.

  • Eric has enlarged and framed a flower picture that he took himself in his very own garden. You ought to stop by and see it sometime when you’re up. It looks very nice. You’d never know he did it himself.

    • Cool I’d love to see it. I was hoping to take a picture worthy of a frame and spot on my wall but I’m not sure I’ve got the right picture yet. Maybe Eric would want to share.