Odds & Ends

Update on Resolutions

Cath says I must update on my resolution to eat and live healthier. So let me tell you how my husband has done first. He has done incredibly well. He has not had a single treat for 5 weeks, not even a smidgen of a treat, not even a hint of a cookie, ice cream or even a lifesaver! He has also cut down on portion sizes and continued to exercise. And of course being a guy he has dropped many pounds. Arg.

I however have been weak. I made every effort to support him by not eating treats myself though I had not made it a goal to resist all scrumptious foods. I did quite well for about two weeks and I exercised and thought I had been doing magnificently when I stepped on the scale and passed out.

I gained! What? How can this be? At which point I realized that I was a woman and as such my body would do as it pleased. Therefore I succumbed to the reality that my body would turn against me when submitted to denial. My body would fight back.

Thus I have not denied myself of all treats. I have allowed myself periodic indulgences with the chocolate chips and then have my husband hide the bag from me. The frozen cookie dough in the fridge might also have shrunk.

With this method and with continued exercise my body has begun to agree with my will and slowly but surely I will prevail!

For now my body and I have decided that one treat a week and a set amount of exercise is a tolerable lifestyle, though one thing I have learned from this experience is not to make promises.

So here’s to living healthy even with a roll of cookie dough in the freezer.