Quick Tips

A Clean Dog makes a Happy Owner

How could you not love this dog? Big eyes, cute ears, and a fluffy curly tail; what’s not to love?….Well sometimes she acts like a dog. That means that there are times when she thinks it is a good idea to roll around in new and interesting smells that she discovers. This is a less cute quality. Luckily, when this happens we have Dirty Johnson’s Dog Wash.

Dirty Johnson’s is a fantastic business that allows you to bring your dog and wash it in one of their tubs rather than your own. Gypsy does not love baths and tries to jump out of the tub, but luckily Dirty Johnson’s has a conveniently located hook to keep your dog tethered in place,  unlike the standard home tub. The tubs are equipped with a spray hose for easy washing and rinsing.  And the tub is also on a platform so that you can stand and wash your dog giving your knees a little TLC.

For those with extremely fluffy dogs, like us, a variety of brushes and combs are provided. Then instead of all this hair going down your drain (or theirs) you can dispose of it prior to washing.

Lastly they provide shampoos, conditioners, and towels for the actual washing of your dog. If your dog hates baths like Gypsy, I suggest 2 people working together to get it done as quickly as possible, which usually means that Squash and I work together throughout the process.

Other than having a clean and fluffy dog restored to your family, the next best thing about Dirty Johnson’s is that they clean the tub!

Dirty Johnson’s Dog Wash

Cost to use the dog wash – $11.

Treat to remind your dog you love them even though you washed off that offensive smell they seem to love – $5.

Not having to clean the tub or buy Drano for the drain – priceless!