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Houseplant Hoopla

Something in my personal programming is just not right. I love plants. But I am not so good at remembering to water them. This glitch in my DNA is a big concern to Robear, who should have been a farmer and never forgets to water plants. Without her my outside plants and grass might not look as good (or alive) as they do.

However, for my inside plants I have found a lot of low-maintenance plants that are perfect for a forgetful plant lover like me. These are the plants that actually thrive when you forget about them. They really do not like too much TLC. Robear worries about them, but I find that they thrive with the neglect.

If you want a flowering house plant that is easy to maintain, you should try an orchid. They like sunlight, but do like direct sunlight. I have found that they do best in a southeast corner of my house or in my large north facing window at my office.

Orchids also like their roots to be tight and do not like a lot of water. The ideal way to water an orchid is by filling it up with water and then pouring all the water out about once a week.

This is an elephant foot palm. It basically just hangs out and looks like an elephant foot with a poof on its head.

I was particularly attracted to it because it seemed to come straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Another Brooke-proof plant is the jade plant. It does not like a lot of water and really should be watered every 3-4 weeks.

In fact, over watering causes its leaves to fall off.

So if you are like me and love plants, but can’t seem to remember the importance of watering, try out one of these plants. And every time you do remember to water them, don’t forget to tell them how pretty and fantastic they are, because a little positive reinforcement can’t hurt.


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