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Much Ado About A Chicken

Saturday I was mesmerized by a chicken; really I blame the chicken and the amazing Real Deals on Home Decor. I saw the chicken while April and I were browsing at the Real Deals on Home Decor store in Lehi, Utah. I told myself that a ceramic chicken is not a need……but I wanted it. And really it was less than $20 which is cheaper than going out for sushi (which is close to a need) and almost the same price as my face lotion (and I justified over-priced face lotion as a need years ago) plus Real Deals has great prices and the chicken would cost so much more somewhere else…so I could justify the chicken purchase, right?

To understand my dilemma you have to understand that our family is split into two types: those of us who are good at identifying needs versus wants and those of us who are good at justifying wants as needs. Guess which category I fit under. Luckily April was with me to reason out why the chicken was just a want and not a need. She made me realize that I really didn’t have a place for the chicken in my house and we eventually left the store sans chicken but with other very need based items …end of story…except…

I was driving by Real Deals later that day without April and her voice of reason and it was as though the chicken was calling out to me.  I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go in and just say hello. Because that is what friends do and the chicken and I were close to being friends by this time, right? Besides, it had been a couple of hours, maybe someone had bought the chicken taking this moral dilemma out of my hands….See all the ways you can justify getting what you want?!

To my delight the chicken was still sitting there staring at me and practically begging me to take it home. As I picked up the chicken I heard April reminding me how I really didn’t have a place to put the chicken. And that is when I saw it…the perfect chest. Style…perfect. Color…perfect. Height and Width…perfect. A home for the chicken…perfect. And it was on sale!?! So I bought it too because I really needed to have a place for the chicken and now that I had a place for the chicken it moved out of the wants category and into the needs category because I really needed something to put on the chest so it wouldn’t look forlorn and out of place in my home. So happy ending, the purchase of the chest meant that I could now get rid of any remaining doubts that the chicken was not a need.

Justification complete!

By the way, Real Deals is a franchise and one of the clients I have gotten the opportunity to work with. So really if I needed anymore justification, not that I need justification to go to Real Deals because I love the store, but if I did, I could just chalk this one up to keeping up with what our clients are doing, right?


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