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Fall Front Porch: Kickoff

Decorating the front porch for fall feels like the kickoff of the holiday season for me. While April’s Sports Addict and other males start celebrating the first football games of the year, I start having visions of pumpkins dancing in my head. I blame Martha Stewart and her magazine for making me unable to not have a fall porch arrangement. Warning to all parents: the things your kids read as a child may have a permanent effect on their personality. All those Martha magazines my aunt sent to Robear must have damaged my psyche. My favorite was always the October issue with its pumpkins and cornstalks decorating the front porch of Martha’s perfect Connecticut country home.

The Missies were our helpers, but Buddy was a little more useful. See him lugging stuff for us in the background while Missy K brings her magic princess wand.

A couple of Saturdays ago, April and I worked on her fall front porch with the help of some of her kids.

Princess pulled a dramatic pose for April's porch shot. She definitely knows how to work a camera, even in her pjs.

So I have also started on my porch. Like April, I spray painted some baskets black and bought some clearance plants from Home Depot.

The lone pumpkin is from my garden, but I need more. Because I always need more pumpkins.

I am not sure about the flying pig watering can, but it caught my fancy when I was at Real Deals on Home Decor and bought a chicken a couple of weeks ago. It looks like I need to use the pig on the plants, they are looking a little crispy. This is definitely the opening shot for my fall front porch. The season is just beginning and I am open to some coaching.

So, any suggestions for my fall porch?


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