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The Human Element

While April’s off saving furniture in distress, Paula’s crafting it up making outrageously cute costumes for the babe, and Brooke is tending her garden or porch, I’m doing nothing.

Um, okay not nothing, just not anything craft-worthy, noteworthy, or blog-worthy.

This week I went to work.  I went home.  I slept and graded and ate (at some point I did each of these three things in the car in between classes because it’s been one of those weeks).  At several points I let out Xyla, our doggy diva, to play or poop.  She was also fed.  The point is that this week I’ve been doing the maintenance of my life and it seems like such a dull thing compared to TV cabinet makeovers, or chicken children, or Fall.

Yes, quite dull comparatively.  So rather than focus on anything particularly crafty, or pictures from some accomplishment, I have only the random bits and pieces that sustain the more fantastic moments of life.  I have little girls coloring with fervor.

Or preparing to color with fervor.  (In the background you can see April doing the practical, boring, necessary things in life, like washing dishes and looking for sippy cups.  I like this picture because it keeps things in perspective.  I guess we’re not all super women all the time.)

I have pictures of little boys being little boys and refusing to smile nicely for the camera.

And babies being rescued from ferocious dogs.  (Which is ridiculous because Gypsy is the most docile dog EVER.)

I have a doggy diva who thinks that she needs to sleep on top of the couch cushions in order to see outside (never mind what that does to the couch).

And all the books, and papers, and clutter that are overwhelming my workspace.

I have, I guess, the human elements of life and living.  I have the relationships that make the furniture and crafts worth doing.  Today I have all the pictures and moments that make sleeping in a cramped car for twenty minutes in a campus parking lot worthwhile.  Maybe next week I’ll get back to the less human elements, like getting my front yard finished, or hanging up my new door, or taking down the last of the apple tree, or clearing off my porch so it can try to be pretty this fall, or…maybe I’ll leave accomplishments for the super woman sisters and I’ll go take a nap, in my bed, because I can.

Happy Thursday,



  • I love this post. I love the Human Element, we all need to see that and be reminded of the joys of plain old living.

  • Love the pics and the post. Especially the picture with Princess coloring and life going on in the background and all pictures of Sparrow. Paula, your baby is camera ready at all times. So cute.

    Great reminder of the important things in life!

    Love ya,

  • Thank you a million times over for putting NORMAL on your blog!!! I love it. I was going to put out fall decorations, too. Ha ha ha ha!!! Maybe this weekend?

  • This is Robear, but I am currently at April’s house. I had to check out homehinges and what fun I found. You are all so amazing. Cath, I love your poetic way of looking at life. You see philosophy in all aspects of living. It is very English Professorish of you!
    Love, mom…
    PS….happy birthday….a nice birthday reflection from you, and thank you for the gorgeous flowers that you gave to me because I was so lucky to be your mom.