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Porch Demo and New Windows!

Hello World! So I have blogged about my dreams for a cute porch before and now I am finally doing something about it.

As you can see, my porch is enclosed by old unfortunate aluminum windows and sliding doors. I have been completely uninspired by this porch and therefore have not done anything to it, except to try hanging some curtains in hopes that they might hide some ugly hardware. Well, I have been thinking about this porch for a year now and finally I have a plan… I’m going to just start ripping things out and then we’ll have to fix the porch up right? Therefore, I began with the window on the side and it’s sill which had to come out.

Then I was able to recruit my husband to take out one of the doors which opened up the porch immensely. It may not look like much now, but I have a feeling that it will look fairly well when we are finished with it. My husband was great and took out the other set of doors.

Now we had to wait to get replacement windows for the pair on the front porch which were cute, but single paned.

In the interim you can see my meager attempt to dress the porch up with pumpkins and a baby.

Finally the windows arrived and my husband again, got to do much of the work. It is amazing how a little baby can really get in the way of accomplishing things. Here he is taking the fins off of the windows, they weren’t supposed to come with fins, but somewhere the order got messed up. Oh well, nothing a little razor knife couldn’t fix.

Baby being held out of the way of trouble!

After slipping the window into place we shimmed it so that it would stay level and square. I also learned the handy trick to measure diagonally from a top corner to a bottom one, and then from the other top corner diagonally to the bottom corner and if the measurements are the same, then you know the window is square!

Finally I could begin caulking around the window, you don’t see it now, but I chose “brilliant white” exterior caulk. Unfortunately it was way too cold by this time to put in the second window, but once it is in I will have to post a picture. All in all, it was a pretty simple project, I’m glad we are getting it done.

Coming up sometime in the future we will finish demolition on the porch and get a cute rail put up and maybe shutters and new paint. I’ll keep you updated as I go.



  • Way to go Paula…and James. I’m so excited to see this coming together for you. Good luck. Need some babysitting?

  • Love the porch and I am jealous of your huge pumpkins. As always, love, love, love the baby pics! You two look so cute in the caulking picture.

  • I hope you are keeping your windows. They are so pretty. April has an idea for the one I got from you. That and my other windows from Brooke’s Red House are at Apeys. Way to go Wuzzy. I cn’t wait to see the porch. It already looks better.