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Sheep on Wood, Hold the Mint Jelly

Sheep on Wood

I finished another painting this week but you’ll never guess what it’s on.  Ok…yes, obviously it’s on wood, but guess what the wood used to be.  Give up?

Did anyone guess a concrete-finishing knee-board?  If you did you totally deserve three pieces of the Halloween candy sitting in the cupboard that you’re trying not to eat.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

For all the rest that didn’t come up with this answer, better luck next time.  Thanks for playing.

Side of board

Actually I rescued this from the old warehouse stuff the Renovation Whisperer is scrapping.  All the old tools and materials have to go.  Most of the stuff is already gone but Catherine and I salvaged a few things we thought were cool.

I spotted this old board and knew it had potential, so with the Renovation Whisperer looking at me wondering where he’d gone wrong, I squirreled it away in my van.  Originally I planned on doing a sign, similar to the ones Miss Mustard Seed creates, but instead I ended up with two woolly sheep.  Funny how that happens.

A few days ago you might have caught a peek of the sheep in their formative state.  They were part of the background in my Chalkboard Dollar Store Pumpkins post.  I needed something in the background, and even though they weren’t done I swallowed my pride and slipped in the imperfect, unfinished painting to help out the display.

Pumpkin tablescapeSome of the base color was on, but few details.  See that flat little baby sheep?

And now the sheep are finished. It isn’t completely my work.  Nathan Pinnock, my oil painting teacher, gave me pointers and did a few highlights.  Thanks to him they look nice and fluffy.


My favorite part is the big crack through the wood.

Next up, I want to paint a cow.  The Renovation Whisperer has a few more worn out boards left.  Don’t throw them out yet Dad.  I’m coming!


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