Odds & Ends

April’s Pig at House of Grace

Well it’s happened again.  Either Bonnie at House of Grace has amazingly good taste (which is obvious from her site) or she really likes pigs, because she’s featuring April’s oil painted pig today on her link party.


Twice Owned Tuesday is one of our favorite parties because reusing/recycling something otherwise destined for mediocrity or, heaven forbid, the dump, excites the creative beast within us, particularly April.  She has an eye for seeing the potential in almost anything.  Sometimes to her own detriment.  (FYI babe, that garage of yours needs some work.)

Here’s a list of some of our other before-&-after transformations:

The Dumpster-Salvaged Gun Cabinet Makeover

Transformed and Finished Cabinet

Transfprmation from dumpster gun cabinet to dining room hutch complete

Sheep on an old Knee-Board for Concrete

Sheep on Wood

Roadside Mirror Transformation

Finished mirror on wall

The Pig on Salvaged Wood Knee-Board

Champion Pig - oil on board

Curbside TV to Living Room Bookcase

TV Hutch final

Dresser Redo

Prison Style Metal Desk Makeover

Freshly painted Blue Desk

Grandma’s Washroom Mirror

Mirror close up

Floral Table Facelift

Black table with flowers

Chalkboard $1 Pumpkins

31 pumpkin