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From the Wallpaper Trenches

Um, silly me.  The other day we moved some furniture and I was all, “we’re in the trenches now.”  Except I had no idea about the trenches.  No idea.

Wallpaper removal

That pile there, that would be the FIRST layer of wallpaper finally off the wall.  The lovely white paper behind that is proving a bit more resilient.

April and I now have a pact: no one, no matter how cute, no matter how “in style” it is, no matter how “easy,” is ever putting up wallpaper.  That’s how far into the trenches we are now.  We are making sister pacts; this is serious.

Urging gusto with a side of caution for your new year resolutions,



  • This is a job no matter how you go about it. I stripped my mothers bathroom paper earlier this yr. and I think the steam had set the glue even more…..have fun and best of luck.

  • Good luck! Maybe you just cover it up with bead board:) Of course, that costs more money than paint which is why I have paint instead of bead board.

  • I agree with you; I HATE WALLPAPER! Probably because of our previous 2 houses, built in the 1800s; that had 3, 4 and sometimes SIX layers of wallpaper on some walls! *swoon!* Thankfully, this (our 3rd) house had no wallpaper or borders. I swear, that’s 90% of the reason we bought it. and I’m not really joking…!

    • That is a totally legitimate reason to purchase a house. The next house I buy will NOT have wallpaper.

  • Wallpaper makes me want to cry. I remember when my mom’s house was wall to wal wallpaper. I also remember all the cursing when we decided to take it off. I am not an “official” Ashton sister but I am putting myself in the pact too. The night we started peeling your wall paper for fun we should have finished the job and done all this stuff with you too. Sorry we abandoned ship. :)