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Out of the trenches and into mold…molding

We have been busily working away on the Bungalow’s front room over the past two weeks.  I have to say that the work goes a lot faster with helpers.

For example, the first day Niel, our Dentist in Waiting, showed up at the bungalow and brought two exciting treats: the Squash and a miter saw to help with the mantel, this mantel:

The saw was useful, but Squash was invaluable.  She cleaned up the dust, dirt, and spider webs that were left behind by the evil mirror.  And then she did dishes.  (Note of angelic song here.) She did ALL of the Dishes.  Bless that Squash.

While Squash was working on the dishes, Niel and I worked on putting up new trim and bead board over the mantel.

We opted to leave the green and gray paper up for two reasons: 1) it wouldn’t come down, and 2) we didn’t want to deal with the wallpaper-stuck-to-lead-paint-stuck-to-cement.  We figured it was safer, easier, and better to just go over the  top with bead board, which I suspect is how the mantel got it’s mirror in the first place.  If you can’t take it down, just cover it up.

Niel fit everything into place and then we glued up the bead board.

The cement wall behind the, now, bead board is so hard that it is hard to get nails driven into it, but we worked to get a few in in order to tack things into place while the glue (liquid nails) set.  Then we used 1×4 to trim out the sides and top of the mantel.  Here is the mantel at the end of day 1.

At this point you get the idea, but there were significant gaps due to the ceiling not being level and I wanted a little more framing on the back edge.  But end of day one it is looking so much better than the mirror.

And here is the side by side comparison.

I have no doubt that I could have done this alone, but it is always more fun and way faster with a little extra help. Not to mention the dishes have never looked so good. Thank you Helpers!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress we’re continuing to make, it’s a bit slower with everyone back to work/school, but onward we go.

Happy Monday!