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Once Lost, Now Found

My house is about 70 years old. It has been renovated and is about perfect, but it was missing one thing: a garage door.  At one point it had a garage door. I know this because Robear found an old picture of the house and it had a garage door. Unfortunately, somewhere between when it was built and when I bought it, the house lost its garage door. Maybe the house mislaid its garage door one day and did not remember where it put it. I am not sure what happened, but whatever the reason, today the garage door has been found.

To say that the “garage” has been a bit of an eye-sore is a major understatement.



But this is the garage now…

New Garage Door

I should also make the point of stating that this progress had nothing to do with me and all to do with the work of the Renovation Whisperer. He did ALL the design and 99% of the labor. Thanks, Dad!


P.S. It isn’t quite finished, there is some trim work and hardware to be installed, but I was too excited to wait; I had to share. :)