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New Tape

A while back I won some 3M Scotch Blue Tape from My Repurposed Life.  I’ve been patiently waiting for it to come and yesterday it arrived in a cute square box on my doorstep.  I’m not sure when it came.  Some delivery person must have put it there, but they were super sneaky.  The first I knew of it was when my children came home from school, eagerly bringing in the curious little package, hoping it was something for them.

To my excitement, and not so much to theirs, I found the tape.

3M Tape

I am now the proud owner of 120 yards of blue 1.5 inch wide Scotch Blue Tape and a fun little tool to help stick down the edges to prevent unsightly leaking under the tapeline.   This tape is supposed to cure that. We’ll see.

Now what to paint first? The family room? The kid’s bathroom? My bathroom that’s only partly painted? How about my bedroom, currently a blank canvas of white on white on white?

There’s nothing like a new tool to inspire the imagination.  I might have to do something crazy just to test out the capabilities of this new tape.



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  • *What is wrong with us that we would be so excited over a box of tape??? ESPECIALLY with the cool tool it came with. I’m anxious to hear if it really works. I have tried every trick in the book to stop the leaking under tape!!
    Good luck!