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Fixing the Other Chair

Chair 2 fixed 2 copy

If you’ll recall, I actually had two extremely broken chairs which I inherited from Robear when she moved.


She had planned on fixing them one day but finally gave up and sent them my way.  A few weeks ago I fixed the first one.  You can read more about it’s journey here.  On the second one I tried something different.

Let me start by saying all my projects are an adventure of sorts.  I love to just jump in and try something, hoping it will work out in the end.  I learn a lot this way.  I make a lot of mistakes this way.  I get a lot of things done this way.  It’s how I work.

Last time you may recall, I glued first and held the chair together with twine, then added screws and supports later.  This time I decided to try screwing the chair together first as part of the gluing process.  To do this I started by pre-drilling my holes.


I started with the forstner bit to create the hole for the screws.  Then I drilled another hole in the center, this time going all the way through the back support.  I made this hole about the same size as my screw diameter.

DSC_0008 - Copy

Then I added glue and put the pieces together, again pre-drilling into the side support of the chair through the previously drilled hole, only this time I used a smaller drill bit.  I wish I could have taken pictures here, but glue was dripping, and the chair had to be held in place as I pre-drilled the second part and screwed in the new screws.  My only helper, three-year-old Missy L, was mad at me for ruining her “tunnel”.  (She liked to crawl under the broken pieces and called it her tunnel.  Can’t win them all.)  Needless to say, taking pictures at this point was impossible.

Suffice it to say, it worked.  Because the screw could slide through the first hole it easily grabbed onto the side support and pulled the two pieces together very tightly creating the strong joint I needed.  Had I made the first hole through the back of the chair the same size as the smaller pilot hole into the side support,  the screw would have worked against me pushing the pieces apart as I tried to screw them together.

Then I replaced the original supports using new stronger screws.  One chunk split due to my mammoth strength but hopefully it will be ok.

DSC_0009 - Copy

I might reupholster the seat down the road, but for now I like this fabric.  It’s very formal but works well with the decorative carving all over the chair.  Now I just need to get some little plugs to stick in the holes created by the forstner bit to cover the screws.


Until then I’ll keep it against a wall so nobody knows.  This is our little secret.


I’m happy.


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