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Rolled Wheat: a Bungalow Update

painting_the_walls340That’s what we’ve done to our walls, we’ve rolled on a lovely wheat color.

Last week Paula dropped Miss Baby off at April’s house and then she came over to my house to help me paint. We worked for three hours straight and managed to cut in all around the trim for the entire room.

painting_the_walls332I was so grateful for the help, despite Paula tagging my walls with first my name and then her initials.
painting_the_walls339(Secretly the girl wants to be a graffiti artist.)

We finished up just in time for her to get back to Miss Baby and that left me with rolling the walls, so I did. And our outrageous living room project went from miserable…


to amazing!


So the bungalow is making progress. (This is it’s official mantra, “making progress!”) I’m hoping to finish up what painting is left, some touch-ups, and then get our living room back to being livable.



  • It looks wonderful-can we come visit again sometime when things are more finished? I’ll bring cookies! Just a quick question-what is cut in around the trim? Can you do a tutorial on cutting in?

    (I’ve only been seen the tape and paint method which really doesn’t go fast and I have learned the hard way not to leave the paint up for long or you have a bigger mess taking down the ivory masking tape.)

  • Just omit the “been” in the above comment-I was going to say I’ve only been taught the tape and paint method but I’ve actually never learned to paint. I’ve attempted some painting on my own with drippy, streaky, light/dark coat results.

  • Wow, I didn’t know this was happening. Thanks to Paula and April for helping your sister. I love how it is looking. It is amazing!

  • I love the color. I think I will steal it for our family room (when we get it done in a couple of months). It is the perfect color!