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If you give a 1 year old keys.

I used to love the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and the description of all of the trouble that follows such a foolish act, but I didn’t realize just what a metaphor those books could be until last Wednesday. I work a night or two at the hospital each week and when I come stagger home in the morning my baby is ready to hit the day running. I however hit the floor as I collapse on a heap in the living room. My baby is very good and will generally just play in the living room while I keep one eye on her. (The other is of course examining the back of my eyelid if you catch my drift).

Well, last Wednesday the morning began as it usually does with me on the floor and Baby crawling all over me when the thought popped into my head that my keys were in my jacket pocket where they could fall out easily to the ground and into the clutches of a child. She knows  those keys are off limits and therefore very desirable. In my less than cognizant state I was not able to command my limbs to move and get my keys to safety. Then I promptly forgot about any such notions.

That evening I became aware that my keys were missing and that the hunt was on. This sweet child initiated a week long game of hide and seek with my keys. (oh yes, she looks sweet when she is asleep). Actually she is very very sweet.


Convincing my husband not to change the locks on the house just yet took a little bit of time but I was sure the keys must have been somewhere in the house because we had only been outside once that day.

Well, I finally found them. Yup, they were hidden all right. Just take a look at this.


Ta Da! there they are stuffed into that noisy toy along with another toy that doesn’t belong there! After a week of searching through each room thoroughly I found them well hidden in this toy. I am so glad that I didn’t lose the keys outside and that Jim Dear didn’t change the locks quite yet. But man is that a lesson to me! Take your keys out of your pocket before collapsing.