Mini Fusion Action from MCP Actions

Hunter Mini Fusion and photoshopped copy

I love using actions in Photoshop on my photos.  They quickly and easily take my amateur shots and make them look so much better, without me having to fiddle with all the bazillions of settings in Photoshop.  So I’m always on the lookout for a new action I can play with.  This week MCP Actions announced that their new action set, MCP Fusion, will be out on March 1st.  To kick it off they offered a free mini action called Mini Fusion for people like me to play with and rave about.

The following are some examples of how it can transform photos from drab to fab at the click of a button.

Here is a photo of my princess taken two weeks ago next to our home.


And here it is cropped with the Mini Fusion action applied.

Allison mini fusion copy

I just wish I’d noticed the cable cord next to her before now.  Oh well, I’ll have to see if Photoshop can take it out.

Another example is this fun picture of “Total Sweetness” taken the same day.


You can customize the Mini Fusion action by adjusting the opacity on some layers and turning on and off others. Here is TS with only some of the Mini Fusion actions applied.

Hunter Mini Fusion copy

Then after fiddling around with the Mini Fusion layers and coloring out the house and some of the fence in the background, I finally settled on this version of my sweet baby boy! Don’t you love how his tie clashes with his plaid shirt. Who’s his mother anyway? I can’t believe she let him go to church like that.

Hunter Mini Fusion and photoshopped copy

If you can’t tell, my kids were really on one the day we took these pictures. But sometimes my favorite photos are the honest candid ones where they really look like themselves. Not that they aren’t angels 24/7. For example Missy K’s face in this photo is priceless. Again the “before.”


Then with some Mini Fusion and a little creative cloning-out of the sidewalk and fence I produced this.

Kristen Mini fusion and photoshopped copy

I’m not sure quite what perplexes a three year old to look like this, but of all my children, Missy K really knows how to wear every possible emotion on her face. She never leaves you guessing how she feels. It’s clearly expressed in her face at all times.

Kristen Mini fusion cropped copy

I can’t believe this woman is taking pictures of me again!

So if you have a copy of Photoshop or Elements, go to MCP Actions and check out the wonderful new Mini Fusion action available for free. But be warned, it will make you want to buy the new Fusion set on March 1st.