Family & Friends

Dear Mom,


Happy Birthday!  We just wanted to give you a late birthday card because your birthday was heck and sickness.

Thank you for being the sweet, energetic, willing, wonderful mom that you have always been.


Thank you for keeping an eye on us at all times and working with us as we have become adults (or baby adults) with so many opinions and personalities. Thank you for your support and love.  We love you.


–Your Daughters at Home Hinges

Hopefully these pictures are acceptable as you don’t look like you’ve been run over by a sod truck or buried beneath a block flower bed.  You still look great! :)


  • Thank you so much you wonderful, sweet, cute, talented, amazing, daughters. Who would have thought that the young couple in the photo booth, black and white picture, would end up the parents of 7 such amazing children. It is nice to see I was young, a while ago, and isn’t the renovation whisperer handsome!!!! You can see in his eyes how sweet he was and is.
    Thanks for such a beautiful card!