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Kitchen Remodel: Demolition Phase

This is a quick post showing the progress we’re making on my kitchen remodel.  I’m doing this on as tight a budget as possible.  It’s more of a kitchen rearrangement than a total makeover because I intend to keep the cabinets, and just move them around to suit my purposes.  I’m on the hunt for a few similar cabinets to add to the spots I need.

Here’s a lovely before shot.

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Kitchen before a

Notice the unfortunate tile. It doesn’t look too bad in the pictures but there are a lot of cracked and chipped tiles in the kitchen. Also notice the dropped ceiling. That’s going bye-bye. Finally check out the wall and pantry . These are also disappearing for the greater good.

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Kitchen before b

Pardon the messy kitchen.  I took these pics right before we started tearing out the tile.  It didn’t exactly make sense to mop at that point.

Last Saturday, we as a family tore out all the tile. It was actually a fun adventure and brought a tear of happiness to my eye seeing the kids doing manual labor. They’re finally becoming helpful! It’s a miracle.

Princess and TS take out tile

On Monday my brother took time out of his spring break to come help tear out the particle board under the tile with my sports addict and I. Later, I worked really hard and got most of the sheetrock off the walls and ceiling. This is how it looked by the end of Wednesday, March 9.

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Kitchen end 3-9 a

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Kitchen end 3-9 b

My wonderful father, the Renovation Whisperer himself, came with my brother yesterday and we removed the wall studs, ceiling framework, and got the plumbing and electrical all figured out.  It’s always more fun to have them around when doing a job like this.   I love them both, and their different senses of humor.

Niel and Dad tearing out walls & wiring copy

We also removed the peninsula and I started playing around with where I want the island to be. This is what it looked like when I woke up this morning.  I’ve never been so happy to have a kitchen in complete shambles.

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Kitchen end 3-10 a

View B

Kitchen end 3-10 b

So with wafferboard for flooring, and disconnected wires hanging from the ceiling, we plug along.  I almost feel like I’m getting a whole new house.

It isn’t much to look at yet, but the potential is all there, and I’m excited to start putting it back together again.  I’ll keep you posted.


  • Sniff, it brought a tear to my eye to see you mocking up the island. Mock-up, Mock-up, Mock-up. You’ll be so grateful you did when you have the finished product. We got the rounded edges on all corners of the island and it was worth every cent not to catch your hip or a little kid’s forehead on a sharp island corner. We also had them cut off and round two of the four edges which gives us just a bit more clearance. You can easily mock up rounded or cut off edges with folded cardboard. I also play-acted people passing on the narrow side of the island and gauged how much space would be needed for two people to pass easily if they were each carrying a hot pot of something or a platter. We also had to have one of the cut corners to easily open the fridge and still let someone else get by while the fridge was open. I’d be happy to post pictures of the corners on my blog if you would like.

    Okay. Long enough comment. I’m done now. Really.

  • Nice advice Trisha! It is so kind of you to be a faithful homehinges reader. I am so excited for April. Her kitchen will be so super now. Well, as soon as she finishes it, which will be a little into the future, not now!

  • WOW! I can’t wait to see the finished product. You are inspiring me to keep things moving on my own home. THANK YOU!

  • Love the picture of the kids working. It’s great that they are starting to be so useful. We’ll get your kitchen done and then I’m claiming them for more slave labor. Mwahahahaha