Odds & Ends

A Bungalow Update



The grass is coming in nice and green.


The sprinkler is fixed.

And we’re ready for our next several projects.


We have windows to finish off our living room transformation.


And then we’re moving onto the kitchen! (I’ll keep you posted.)



  • I must say Cath is carrying this blog for the whole fam. I love seeing all the pictures of everyone, and great work on the bungalow! Makes me tired to see all the projects.

    • Well thank you Dejah. Hopefully you’re not too tired to keep reading. So much to do, so much to do.

  • The grass looks so great! The kitchen is going to be fabulous!! I am so glad there are so many of us to chip in and help. April’s remodel is winding up, Paula’s porch is coming along. Now it is on to Catherine’s.