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Bungalow Kitchen Day 1: Demolition

The Bungalow’s kitchen remodel is underway officially.  Sure we rented a storage unit and packed out all our stuff, but no project is really begun until there’s some destruction.  That’s when you know you can’t go back; forward is the only way out.

Just for kicks I started with the counter and decided to see how strong I was by trying to pull it off with my bare hands. Hahaha…

not so funny, it came up with one tug. Seriously. I was like, “this is the freakin’ worst kitchen in the world! We should have done this years ago.” But hindsight is 20/20. Or better late than never.

The island/peninsula thing came out relatively easily. Most of it was particle board and pulled out with a little force. Most of it was nailed together with finish nails, so not too sturdy either. The base upon which it sat was screwed down with about six screws and those came out easily with the drill. The first ten minutes I was superman/woman.

Next I took off the cupboard doors and unscrewed the supports. Finally I pulled out my mini sledge hammer and knocked out the upper cabinets.

Off to the dump, then I need to move the stove out of the way and get the base cabinets and the sink. One more day with water and then we’re going primitive.

Xyla is less than excited.

But I can’t wait!