Reality Shots

Weekend Reality Shot: Baby Birds


We have a nest of four baby birds outside one of the windows we’d like to replace. They are small and fluffy and will one day be beautiful robins, but right now they are in their “awkward” stage.

I guess replacing all the windows will take a little more time. And I guess there’s no rush. We’ve waited this long.

Welcome to the world baby birds.


  • We got to see the baby birds the other day and they are very “future” cute. Definitely in the helpless stage at this point. Thank you for letting them grow up and move on before changing out the window. I feel for you, it’s hard when patience is being pounded into one’s head with a 2 x 4 (figuratively!)

    Just to confirm, the living room looks wonderful and your kitchen is coming along albeit a bit empty feeling at this point (literally!)