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Bungalow Kitchen: the plan

kitchen plan original.1

This plan shows how our kitchen was configured before we dismantled it here and here. Things to note: no dishwasher, a lot of unused space, very little upper cabinet storage, and very little counter space.  And as I have mentioned, what was there was…special.

A number of years ago, when we remodeled the Bungalow’s bathroom, I drew up this plan for a kitchen remodel as well.


The idea behind our new kitchen is really all due to Brooke’s suggestion that we take out a wall.


By removing the wall between the dining room and the kitchen we can accomplish several goals.  One: more light and an open feeling.  Two: better flow, this allows us to still have three doors but the ones on the south wall, lined up, will give a better use of space and direction.  Three: better use of space providing more counters and cupboards.

Here is the plan as of today.


Of course there are still changes in the works and we need to block everything out in real life, but that is a good start for a goal.

Any suggestions?



  • I have liked shelves of staggered size in my corner cabinets. I feel like I actually have more room and can get more big and little things in. Lazy susans have a tendency to break down and not do so well. Then things fall off the back side. If you want to you can come and look at mine.

    • I know what you mean about lazy susans. The one good thing in our now gone kitchen was it’s corner solution. It also had shelves and we could get so much rarely used stuff down into the cupboard, but it was all still accessible. I may have to come up and look at your corner cabinet