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April’s Kitchen Remodel Series: Tearing out Cabinets

Seeing all the progress on Cath’s kitchen remodel has reminded me I need to update you on my own kitchen progress.   In my previous post about the initial destruction I said it was more of a rearranging than a kitchen remodel.

Back in March its status was upgraded to full blown remodel. You see in renovating one must always expect the unexpected.

The initial plan was to keep the majority of the cabinets in place and just switch a few around. Like moving this 24 inch cabinet into the space previously occupied by an 18 inch draw set.

Kitchen rearrangement 3 copy

Thus making room for the dishwasher and a draw set on the other side of the kitchen sink.

kitchen rearrangement 2 copy

But this plan all changed when we removed the countertops and discovered some pretty serious water damage in the corner adjoining the bathroom.   This meant two things:

1. All the base cabinets were coming out

cabinets out copy

This picture has been cropped to protect my pride. You really don't want to see my mess.

2. There will now be a bathroom remodel in our future, but not for a long time, because we just don’t have that kind of money, and I want to put my house back together before I let it get bombed again, and it sounds really painful to think about another project at the moment, and I need to find the laundry room first, and we will need to recover from the pain of the kitchen remodel first …you get the point.

To repair the damage we ended up having to remove some rotten subfloor and cut out and repair some damaged sheetrock.

drywall and subfloor copy

So at this point the kitchen became unusable.

The budget was set to be blown with the necessary addition of new cabinets.

And I was thrilled!  As it turns out, this actually made it possible for us to create our island now rather than in a few years. You see the four base cabinets that hadn’t been damaged by water could now be used for the island.