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Bungalow Kitchen: Midget door to nowhere


Demolition is lovely therapy.  After removing all the clothes from my closet I pulled out my best karate kid moves and kicked down the midget door to nowhere.


So Satisfying!


Not that it was a problem from my closet side.  Who sees the back of their closet anyway?  But from the kitchen side this door tickled my annoyance everyday.  Why do you exist door?  What were you before?  Why would someone put trim around you to emphasize that you are gone?  So many questions and no answers.

Of course with the door gone we have to fix the hole, and of course there’s no where to put my clothes until the hole is fixed.  But that’s okay.  We’ve made progress.  After taking out the door and doing a triumph dance, April helped me to frame in the opening so that it is ready for Sheetrock.


Then I put up plastic on my side of the closet so my clothes could go back into their space for now.  We’ll have to remove them to patch the closet side of the wall, but I’m good with that.

One step closer to a beautiful wall and a finished closet.