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Bungalow Living Room Update: Windows

Officially we are empty-nesters. Literally.


So that means that we get to put in our living room windows and work to complete our January make-over. Steady as she goes…


This exchange is a multi-step process involving removing the interior windows that are attached to shutters, and the exterior storm windows which were put in circa 1940 something or other.


Having two windows does make it a little warmer, but not really considering both sets were single pane and there were plenty of drafts around the frames.


The shutters on the inside were useful, but made the room really heavy and dark too, so good bye shutters and hello light.


Our windows came with fins on the side because they are designed for new construction. No big deal. We cut off the fins with a utility knife and they were ready to slide into place.


Working one person inside and one person out we positioned the windows. Then we used shims to fill gaps. Measured corner to corner to ensure everything was square and then secured the windows with screws. Super easy.


Once things were secured we applied a window insulation foam around the windows to cut out drafts. This foam is set in 8 hours and the final process is to cut away the excess and then caulk.


In about two hours we put in two windows.  We’re not as fast as the professionals, but I’m happy with the results.  Our windows went from this:


To this:


These windows need a little trim touch-up painting but I think having functional and efficient windows is a huge improvement.

Our new windows were purchased through a wholesale dealer costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $650 (5 windows). The bids for removing our windows and putting in the exact same ones as what we bought were priced at $2000. By doing the job ourselves we saved about $1300. Of course we’ll still need to get someone to come wrap the outsides of the windows like our other windows are, but that won’t be a $1300 job. Hurray for DIY pricing!


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  • Awe, I’m sure it was sad to see them fly the coop, but happy to then get on with your windows!
    DIY is always the way to go. Not only cheaper but satisfying to have done it yourself!