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Bungalow Kitchen: Southern Exposure–Walled Up

Because the Bungalow was built in the 20’s the outside walls lack insulation. Essentially they are brick covered in plaster. With the kitchen torn apart we’ve decided to add some furring strips which will allow us to not only insulate the exterior wall, but we can also add electrical to the south wall for a … bum…bum…bum… DISHWASHER!

Ever-enthusiastic April came by to help me figure out the framing. We used 2x2x8’s so the wall won’t be as thick as regular walls, but it will be enough for some shallow electrical and about 2″ of insulation. Something is better than nothing, right. By using the smaller studs (furring strips) we save room where we need it, as in the actual room, in order to allow for all the cupboards, cabinets, and drawers we’d like to finish with.

We first layed out the wall on the floor and pieced it together making sure all the measurements were correct. We built the wall in pieces because we figured that was more manageable to get around plumbing, windows, and random chimneys.

Then using a rented framing nail gun, from our local Consolidated Fastener Store, we attached the framing together.

Finally we raised it up, plumbed and leveled the studs, and attached them to the walls with nails. In some places we had to shim out behind the frame because the wall was less than plumb and some of the studs were bowed.

It took us a long time…in fact, it took us all day. We did take a break for lunch, and for supplies, but otherwise we worked to get everything together and secure. We’re saving money by doing it the slow way, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t quality work. Especially with an expert like April.  Some people say time is money, but does that make money time?

Anyway…Our southern exposure is now framed and we can move onto electrical and insulation.