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Bungalow Living Room: North Windows

As I’ve mentioned, on Wednesday Paula showed up in time to help replace the North windows that surround our fireplace.

We purchased casement windows for these particular windows because they are so much smaller than our other windows. Casement windows allow one to open the window by cranking it out, rather than have it slide up and down. This means that the window part is uninhibited by lines and each window lets in more light. When the window is open it also helps direct air flow into the house.

These windows, like our others, came with fins on the outside. Paula was very good about trimming off the fins while I worked to take down the old windows.

Interior window, exterior storm windows, remove unneeded trim, vacuum up dirt and debris.

Then while I was outside and pushed the windows into place, Paula was inside and helped to guide everything to square.

While we were working Squash watched Miss Baby and took these incredible pictures.

This last picture is my favorite because Paula looks so peaceful and I look like I’m going to fall off the ladder in the background. It amuses me the perspective that Squash brings to the blog and our lives.

Thank you for the help Paula, Squash, and Miss Baby! I could not have done it without you.

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  • I love the black and white picture at the end as well. I’m glad you didn’t fall off the ladder.