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The Bungalow Kitchen: Electrical


While Paula was over last week, after helping with the Bungalow’s north living room windows, she rallied to help with some electrical lay out. She knocked holes in the wall for outlets.

And she skillfully helped to put in new electrical boxes on the kitchen’s new south wall.


Paula worked diligently until Miss Baby was too tired to let us continue.


Just after Paula left, April showed up. April helped drill holes to run the new electrical wires required for all the new outlets and switches.We also put in new circuit breakers for three new circuits, and moved the electrical for the stove.


Some of this incredible work required some more damage, like this “peep hole” that was just going to be small enough to see the wires…and then why not rip off a few more inches in every direction?


I guess it won’t matter too much though because this wall needs to be sheet-rocked any way.  And the holes made it so much easier to work in the wall.

So as of right now we have electrical run for a disposal/dishwasher circuit, a south wall circuit, a north wall circuit, a microwave, and a new line for the range.  I would like to be able to give you details, but really it was a matter of turning off the electrical to the whole house, opening up the electrical panel, and then pushing wires where April told me to.  She has no fear, which is good, because I can follow that kind of leader.


What’s left? Lights, switches, removing old wire, and possibly chasing another line.  I also need to adjust some of the boxes because they were placed without consulting the Renovation Whisperer and I think I put them a little too high.  Live and learn.