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April’s Kitchen Remodel Series: A New Ceiling

Last time I shared a picture of the kitchen it had been torn out, including parts of the ceiling.

Demo'd kitchen but still functioning

Actually this was when it was still somewhat under control, but you can see the ceiling is gone. For the disaster zone picture click here. Originally there was a one foot deep sofit dropped down over the majority of the kitchen. It was there to match up with the sofit enclosing the HVAC along the outside wall, but otherwise empty over the rest of the kitchen as seen in this picture with Total Sweetness.

Kitchen before a

The lower ceiling only added to the cavernous feel of the kitchen, along with the black cabinets and enclosed space. So as part of the total transformation of stripping the cabinets and ripping out the wall behind the refrigerator, we also tore out the ceiling.

But thankfully it is back. This is the one thing I hired out. Drywall can be tricky, especially on the ceiling, and especially getting the texture to match. Making all the cuts around the new can lights would have been a nightmare for me, but was a cinch for the installer. Bless you Shaun.

New kitchen ceiling and cabinets

So for my birthday (back in March…I’m still catching up on the kitchen series) I got a new ceiling and I had the pleasure of installing the new base cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen.

Installing base cabinets

This means I’m one step closer to having a dishwasher again. Life with five kids and no dishwasher is … lets say messy. No wonder I didn’t blog about all this back in March when it was happening. I was far too busy washing bowls and Missy K’s favorite pink spoon in the laundry room sink.

The next step is to prime and paint.
See ya soon.