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April’s Kitchen Remodel Series: Little Helpers

I was going through some of my old pictures looking back on the demolition phase of our kitchen remodel and I couldn’t help but smile at the ones of my children working.  It just warms my heart.

Like this one of my boys working with their dad to take out the tile in the kitchen.

Working boys

Or my twins taking turns with the shop vac to clean up drywall chunks. They just turned four in these pictures and were so excited to help.

Missy K with shop vac

Missy K taking her turn with the shop vac

Sometimes it was hard to take turns.  A shop vac is such a fun toy.

twins with shop vac

Missy L with shop vac

Missy L making sure to get every little chunk

But my all time favorite is still the one of Total Sweetness and Princess ripping out tile.
“Put your backs into it babies!”

Princess and TS take out tile

As a kid I remember hating it when my parents wanted us to work. But as the mother of a new crop of children, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing them being productive.

Now don’t get me wrong. They were by no means overworked, and for the most part they actually had fun, which gives me hope that one day they will actually want to do work.
“Good job kiddos.”