Family & Friends Reality Shots

Reality Shot: My Kids

When he wakes up looking like Wolverine one morning and a fawn the next, I know Total Sweetness is about two months overdue for a hair cut.

TS needs a haircut

The pained expression is because he hates it. “It’s clipper time.”

And Missy K has a silly streak when it comes to getting her picture taken sometimes.

Missy K being silly

Dancing outside on a log in the back yard while I try to take her picture. What a kid.

Then there’s sweet Missy L, who can smile so perfectly for the camera if it wasn’t for the fact she knocked out her teeth while riding her scooter.

Missy L in the sun

It’s the top three that are missing.  That’s my toothless angel.

Then there’s my Buddy who always likes to have a good time.

Buddy and Lanie

Even when he’s watching over his little cousin who can’t make up her mind if she wants to play in the little car or on the trampoline.

And finally my Princess who is part wild thing, part lady, and part momma’s girl.

Wild Thing

Princess up close

Love the freckles!