Reality Shots

Weekend Reality Shot: Heaven on Earth

Also known as Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.


We made it and loved every second. Wait until you see one of the books Cath picked up!


  • I’ve been there and it is a nice, fun, delightful bookstore. Someone could get lost there.

  • Powell’s Books sounds great-don’t know if I’ll ever make it there but working at the library and being surrounded by books all day is pretty great. Especially knowing that I can check them out or put them on hold for free. I assume Powell’s expects you to buy things. Why buy if you can borrow? (Although I must admit we have many bought books at our house also-it’s just that most of them are bought from DI or the library book sales.)

    We just had a meeting where I found out that the Whitmore branch alone receives about 26,000 new items a year of which about 11,000 are new fiction books for all genres. (We have general fiction, large print, mystery, science fiction/fantasy, romance and western sections. And let’s not forget story collections!) So…if you need a Powell’s Book fix…might I suggest your local library and/or independent bookseller?

    • Trisha,
      I agree about the library and you can trust me that I brought several books along for the ride thanks to the city library. However, one of the joys of Powell’s books is the very used and old books, or the rare books section. (At least that was my favorite.) I found some awesome out of print books that I want for my library: one about American tools, and one about house projects from the 40’s. Sure there are all the other fiction stuff and things to buy, but I’m with you on that stuff…library all the way.

  • True, true. The library carries mostly current material. And some of the older stuff has more information-old cookbooks explained why a cake fell or rose too much or turned too brown plus lots of other helpful hints. And remember the cartoons that described houses of the future? Jessica and I just watched the movie Pleasantville and I missed the solidness of many of the furnishings shown in the film. Chrome, real wood (not press wood!), metal cars instead of fiberglass material car frames, real food instead of processed food, etc…

    So, yes, I probably would have gotten stuck in the old/used section too-but it would have been the cartoon books and the cookbooks that lured me in. And maybe language books…I’ve always been fascinated by old books in other languages…