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Back in the Saddle Again

Last week Brooke and I went on vacation to the Oregon Coast.  Moment of silence for the peace and beauty that is an Oregon vacation.


We rented a house with some friends and spent the week enjoying Portland, the beach, the weather, and the wildlife. The goal of the vacation (if we have to have goals for vacation) was to relax. I mean we watched movies, walked the beach, ate incredible food, read books, played games and did pretty much nothing.


This was the view from the living room of the house we rented. A wee walk across the back steps to the wooden structure and you find stairs to an incredible beach.


This was our beach for a week!

The beauty of vacationing in Oregon has to be the lack of naked (or nearly naked) bodies along the shores. It’s too cold to really swim, though Brooke, Rachael, and I did get in the water. But for the most part the joy is walking the beaches and keeping one’s clothes on. I call such an extravagance as wearing a sweater and shorts on the beach “paradise!”

The other beauty of the vacation is that because the weather is nice, but not steaming hot, fewer people are there. (I know that fewer people may sound like a down side to some people, but if you like a lot of alone time, which I do, then Oregon is lovely.) And the few people you do meet on the beach tend to be as low key and stand offish as everyone else. It means everyone is friendly, but not too friendly.


Being a girl from Utah I tend to love the mountains. Of course, I love the beach too. And in Oregon you get both. Beautiful trees, beautiful mountains, and incredible shores.

The vacation was so lovely that it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things here. Blog? What blog? Internet? What’s that? Job? I do not comprehend this word you speak of. But of course the life here is still going and I am finding my step. Like this morning I moved some plumbing to keep making progress on the house. I mowed the lawn too, which in my absence had become a jungle. And then, for nostalgia, I pulled up my pictures of Oregon and decided to write a blog post about it, just so I could hold onto the peace of the vacation for one more moment.