Last Week at the Rodeo

Our town/city puts on a week long celebration each year, the highlight of which is the rodeo. Being a total city girl, I had never seen one until we went for the first time a few years ago. I was mesmerized.   We didn’t make it back again until this year due to the fact I was scared the twins would fall through the bleachers.  But at 4+ and tall for their age, we decided to give it a go again.


Watching the Rodeo smaller

Of course this time I wanted to take pictures, and I’ve been challenging myself to learn how to get the manual setting on my camera to work. It’s tricky getting the shutter speed and aperture balanced enough in dusky to dark light for action shots without too much blur. Most of my pictures turned out something like this.


And when I didn’t get it quite right on awesome pictures like the one of this bareback bronco riding crazy man cowboy, I’ve been having fun going all artsy in Photoshop.  It makes my blase attempts at creative photography, if nothing else, way cooler.

Bareback in pink copy

I have no idea who the crazy young fellow in the photo is, but I think he might have won. At least he should have gotten extra points for actually getting the horse closer to our end of the field so I could get the photo. (Is it a field? Corral? Pitch? Place full-o-dirt? Rodeo terminology anyone?)

Unfortunately all my bull pictures are just a little fuzzy.

I’ll keep working on those camera settings.