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Bungalow Kitchen Update: sub floor

Before heading off to heaven vacation the bungalow’s kitchen floor looked like this:


Much thanks to April we managed to get up the old sub floor. (She also helped with framing out our south wall, and running electrical.)

Since getting home from vacation new and exciting progress has been made to this bungalow kitchen remodel.  Of course most of the progress is because a worker came home for summer “break”:


“Hello Niel, our Dentist in Waiting. We’re so glad you could join us for the summer. Now get to work!”
The best part about Niel is that he does get to work. On Thursday last week he  also brought squash along with him so she could take pictures while I “helped” with the sub floor.


As Niel works I ask him fascinating questions like: “is this what dentistry is like, but with smaller tools?”


And he says, “sort of, except you have to go to school for four years.”


And he asks, “when did you all decide to brainwash me into being a dentist?”
And I say, “Um, we’re not allowed to talk about that.”
And then he turns on the drill and says, “Come here, I think you have a cavity.”


Somewhere in between all that we tell the squash to take pictures and she refuses because she “has to read To Kill a Mockingbird for school.”

Niel tells Squash that it is a good book, and she should try to use her squashy brain to understand what it is saying.

Squash glares at us.

And in the end it doesn’t matter because the floor goes in and we are ready to return to the electrical.


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