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Bungalow Kitchen: Taping and Mudding


After some delay, per usual, we made the effort to get mud on the walls.

First we taped.

Part of the delay was that paper tape, for the drywall joints, is a hassle. The mud needs to be a little more moist because the paper soaks up a lot of moisture. It is also more difficult because you want to make sure there is enough mud underneath the tape to hold it in place.

We skipped this tedious process by opting for sticky mesh tape. It is a beautiful product that is self adhesive and then you just mud.

So we taped. And then we mudded.


This wall is nice and splochy looking now.


As is this wall.

Niel, our Dentist in Waiting, showed off his cheerful work habits, while applying mud to the corners.



“See you do it like this…with a smile.”


Soon to be dentists like to tell everyone that a great smile makes the difference with everything.


Mudding isn’t so bad, it’s the sanding that I’m dreading.

Keeping up,